act time venue day
7 layers 11:15 pm corktown tavern thursday
aaron burroughs project 11:30 pm gaelic league saturday
ameera 9:30 pm gaelic league saturday
a study in scarlet 11:15 pm nancy whiskey saturday
alvarado duo 9:00 pm corktown tavern friday
angel of mars 8:30 pm corktown tavern friday
animal box 7:00 pm batch brewing company saturday
ante madder 10:30 pm gaelic league saturday
bark's tales 7:00 pm corktown tavern thursday
belling the tiger 9:30 pm corktown tavern saturday
big b and the actual proof 8:30 pm corktown tavern thursday
black note graffiti 12:30 am corktown tavern saturday
blind liars 7:30 pm gaelic league saturday
bluesdad 7:00 pm corktown tavern friday
bob hausler 8:00 pm corktown tavern friday
boomcat 9:00 pm corktown tavern thursday
brandon z smith 12:00 am gaelic league saturday
central dogma 11:00 pm gaelic league friday
cesar aquino 7:30 pm gaelic league friday
choking susan 7:50 pm batch brewing company friday
chronic blues band 7:15 pm nancy whiskey saturday
cockhorse 7:30 pm corktown tavern friday
concreteslim 11:15 pm nancy whiskey friday
dahmer's breakfast 7:00 pm corktown tavern saturday
demon breath 9:30 pm corktown tavern friday
dr. peter "doc" stephenson 9:00 pm gaelic league saturday
d-punk 10:20 pm batch brewing company friday
duotron 9:00 pm corktown tavern saturday
electric huldra 7:00 pm batch brewing company friday
elspeth tremblay and the treatment 10:30 pm corktown tavern thursday
the end of ends 10:30 pm corktown tavern saturday
fangs n' twang 10:15 pm nancy whiskey saturday
ficus 11:30 pm corktown tavern friday
float here forever 8:40 pm batch brewing company friday
galaxy coney island 10:00 pm corktown tavern thursday
hard luck pete & the wrong way streets 9:15 pm nancy whiskey friday
henry walters band 10:00 pm corktown tavern friday
hillbilly knifefight 8:30 pm gaelic league saturday
innerspirit project 9:00 pm gaelic league friday
jackie's dead 12:30 am gaelic league saturday
jenns apartment 12:00 am corktown tavern friday
joe kidd & sheila burke 9:30 pm gaelic league friday
joe kro fro motown 11:00 pm gaelic league saturday
jonah & scott 12:00 am corktown tavern saturday
judy banker band 8:40 pm batch brewing company saturday
kat steih & the ferals 10:00 pm gaelic league friday
madigan's attic 7:00 pm gaelic league saturday
maria montoya music 11:30 pm gaelic league friday
matt bastardson 7:15 pm nancy whiskey friday
midnight proof 7:50 pm batch brewing company saturday
mike ward 8:30 pm gaelic league friday
moaning dwarf 7:30 pm corktown tavern thursday
new relatives 8:15 pm nancy whiskey saturday
nick juno 10:00 pm gaelic league saturday
no skull 10:30 pm corktown tavern friday
paul einhaus arrest 8:15 pm nancy whiskey friday
pedro meadows 10:00 pm corktown tavern saturday
rabbit ears 7:30 pm corktown tavern saturday
rob zinck & the collaborators 8:00 pm corktown tavern thursday
room 101 12:30 am corktown tavern friday
ryan scott & the creek hounds 12:00 am gaelic league friday
sancho 11:00 pm corktown tavern saturday
slumlord radio 11:00 pm corktown tavern friday
stormfeldt 8:30 pm corktown tavern saturday
stuart benbow 10:30 pm gaelic league friday
television city 9:15 pm nancy whiskey saturday
theandric 9:30 pm batch brewing company friday
the barley brothers 8:00 pm gaelic league friday
the bores 11:30 pm corktown tavern saturday
the dirty news 11:00 pm corktown tavern thursday
the five n' dime poets 10:15 pm nancy whiskey friday
the gassers 9:30 pm batch brewing company saturday
the microplastics 12:15 am nancy whiskey saturday
the my ways 10:20 pm batch brewing company saturday
the sugar bombs 12:15 am nancy whiskey friday
todd stephen 8:00 pm gaelic league saturday
werewolves 9:30 pm corktown tavern thursday
yeddie 8:00 pm corktown tavern saturday