About US

The Corktown Music Festival

began on Mar 4th and 5th 2022. Originally it was conceived as a temporary replacement for a beloved Music Festival in Hamtramck. The plan from the start was to hold that spot (the first weekend in March) for the return of the festival. It was decided that to avoid confusion, that this replacement would need to happen somewhere else to avoid any confusion on anyone’s part. The Corktown neighborhood provided a similar vibe, and showed potential to do similar things.

Many of the same ideas and practices were used. A multi venue; multi genre, focusing primarily on local music, festival where everyone regardless of background or lifestyle are welcome to enjoy and participate in the festivities, with all proceeds going to a local charity for an underserved population…

After the one in March, a 2nd one was added in the summer of 2022, and CMF grew into a life of its own. 2 years later, we are getting ready for the 5th one, still with the same goals.


This year we are happy to announce we will be donating this festival’s proceeds to the wonderful MI UCP logo, an organization that has been around for 75 years and helps to assist the 2.3 million persons in the State of Michigan with disabilities.

Visit there website here : www.mi-ucp.org/